Currently working out of Vancouver, Canada, Andy Dixon's work contrasts refined subject matter with a coarse application of his materials. Although his subjects are often romantic, Dixon's approach and use of colour remove their idealism, accenting an alternative beauty found within the imperfection and humanity of both the subject and the artist simultaneously.

"Vancouver- based artist Andy Dixon’s latest works obviously borrow subject matter from the greats — Rousseau, Matisse, Picasso — even as a punk sensibility permeates them. Hues are outrageous and paint is coarsely applied. His warped appropriations invite the viewer to invent a new understanding of the subjects." - The Vancouver Sun

"Emerging from the greyscale city of Vancouver, Andy Dixon's sumptuous, hypnotic paintings are riots of colour. The artist combines outrageous satire with authentic pathos, resulting in endlessly inventive, altogether otherworldly work. His virtuosic command of colour, all at once rampant and studied, stamps his subject on the viewer like a lived experience. Rarely do still lives seem so livid, or portraits so present, as they do in Dixon's uncanny eye. He gives us back the familiar forms of history and art, transformed with startling, fearful freshness." - Michael Lapointe (author & critic for The Globe & Mail, The Tyee, The London Times Literary Supplement)



London & New York
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